University College (Oxford)


Here is a summary list of some of the courses I've taught, along with my role in each course and

where I taught it:

University of the Fraser Valley, Department of Philosophy:

   Moral Psychology (directed study), instructor

   History of Analytic Philosophy, instructor

   20th Century Continental Philosophy (directed study), instructor

   Knowledge and Reality, instructor

   Reasoning: Introduction to Critical Thinking, instructor

Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford:

   Foundations in Political Philosophy, Tutor in Philosophy and Public Policy

University of Oxford:

   Key Concepts in Moral Psychology (Philosophy Faculty lecture course), lecturer

   Kant (college tutorial), tutor

   Aristotle (college tutorial), tutor

   Ethics (college tutorial), tutor

University of British Columbia, Faculty of Medicine:

   Doctor, Patient, and Society, tutor and Honorary Lecturer

Trinity Western University, Department of Philosophy:

   Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason, instructor

   Contemporary Ethical Issues, instructor

   Introduction to Philosophy, instructor
   Introduction to Logic, instructor    

   Critical Thinking, instructor

University of Ottawa, Department of Philosophy:

   Philosophical Issues in Healthcare, teaching assistant

   Bioethics, teaching assistant

   Business Ethics, teaching assistant