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University College (Oxford, UK, 2017)


University of Hong Kong

The Love We Give and the Lies We Tell: The Ethics of Relationshipswebsite

A Life Worth Living (primary teacher)

University of the Fraser Valley

Moral Psychology

History of Analytic Philosophy

20th Century Continental Philosophy

Knowledge and Reality

Reasoning: Introduction to Critical Thinking

University of Oxford

Key Concepts in Moral Psychology

Values and Public Policy: Political Philosophy in Practice (tutor)

Ethics paper (tutor)

Aristotle paper (tutor)

Kant paper (tutor)

University of British Columbia (Faculty of Medicine)

Doctor, Patient, and Society (tutor)

Trinity Western University

Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason

Contemporary Ethical Issues

Introduction to Philosophy

Introduction to Logic

Critical Thinking

University of Ottawa

Philosophical Issues in Healthcare (teaching assistant)

Bioethics (teaching assistant)

Business Ethics (teaching assistant)

*Primary teacher with complete oversight over syllabus and course content except where

role is specified in parentheses

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